Indian River Project Management


At Indian River Project Management, we firmly believe that honesty, experience and hard work, along with our reliable resources of quality craftsmen and technicians, are the core foundation to your successful construction project. Since 2001, those who expect the best have come to rely on our superior quality. Our main goal is exactly that “Quality”. We firmly commit to completing your projects on time and on budget, resulting in a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Market trends and building products change rapidly, but true quality and craftsmanship can last a lifetime.

Choosing a “top notch” company like Indian River Project Management to facilitate your projects is the first step to your successful construction or remodel endeavor. In today’s environment it is essential to select a contractor who has a proven track record as well as 100% dedication to your building or remodeling plans. We also understand that “peace of mind” is very important when undertaking construction and remodeling projects for your home. This is why we always make ourselves available to provide you, the homeowner, with the proper guidance and support no matter how big or small the undertaking is. We are with you every step of the way, from the very first nail, down to the last coat of varnish and we will always do whatever we can to help assure your vision is a complete success.

This is our commitment to you.